"How A Juvenile Misfit Who Got Kicked Out Of School Became A Millionaire By Age 26 And Now Earns $549,078.40 A Year!"

Read This Letter Now Because I Am Going To Reveal To You The Exact Methods I Used To Create This Level Of Financial Success And How You Can Learn The Same Fool-Proof Steps To Financial Freedom... Without Having To Turn Your Life Upside Down To Get It!

From The Desk of Adam Khoo

Dear Millionaire-To-Be,

If you want to discover how you can build yourself a million dollar net worth while still keeping your full-time job, there is no way you would want to miss this.

You see, I know you are sick and tired of all the nonsense that's thrown at you by all these websites that claim that you can retire young and rich and all you have to do is to just buy their ebook.

Ever wonder whether these people behind these websites actually know a thing about making money first or are they just making money off you by selling their 'Get Rich' ebooks? You never know, can you?

You see I'm different. I'm already a successful multi-millionaire and I run 3 brick-and-mortar businesses with a combined annual turnover of $20 million. I'm the best-selling author of four books and I make half of my money through my investments.

The point I want to make is that I made my money first, before I ever taught anyone how to start earning their first million bucks.

It's Common Sense. If You Want To Learn How To Create Massive Wealth, You Should Listen To Someone Who Made His Money First And Not From Someone Who Got Rich Selling 'How To Get Rich' Ebooks.

After all, I'm a true-blue business entrepreneur, a real world investor and one of the top speakers in Asia. I only started teaching people how to get rich only after I made my millions. I believe that I must do the walk before I ever do the talk. And I believe I am overwhelmingly qualified to teach people how to get rich.

Skeptical? You Don't Have To Believe What I Say.
See It With Your Own Eyes!

Adam Khoo Interviewed And Featured In 'The New Paper'.

Adam Khoo Featured In 'Enterprise' Magazine.

Adam Khoo On The Front Cover Of 'The Executive' Magazine.

I feature regularly on newspapers and magazines, and it's no surprise, because I have achieved tremendous financial success at a very young age. I was earning money way beyond any of my peers could ever dream of and all I did was to follow simple, pre-defined steps, that I want to teach you to also reach this level of financial success.

But I don't just feature in newspaper headlines and articles for nothing.

I run three successful businesses with a combined turnover of $20 million. Take a look at one of my training institutions and the full-house seminars I conduct.

Adam Khoo's SOLD-OUT Wealth Academy Seminars.

Need More Irrefutable Proof?

I am also a best-selling author. Take a look at some of the books I've written.

Some Of The Bestselling Books Adam Khoo Has Authored.

The first book I wrote when I was just 19 years young was 'I Am Gifted, So Are You!' It became a #1 national bestseller within six months. Since then I've written another four bestselling books and you can find three of my books are listed on Amazon.com. (click here to see this). 

I'm one of the top motivational speakers and peak performance trainers in Asia and I've worked with blue-chip companies and government bodies like Hewlett Packard, Tupperware, Singapore Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force, American International Assurance, Prudential, Lux Asia, Rolls Royce Marine, Legal Aid Bureau, Singapore Telecoms and many more.

I don't want to brag because that is not my aim here. What I want to point out to you is that I wasn't born with all this phenomenal success!

In Fact! I Was An All-Out-Loser And Failure In Life.

When I was eight, I was expelled from school for misbehavior and my parents had to go round the country begging other primary schools to let me study in their school. I was a total misfit.

I did so poorly for my primary school leaving examinations that I was rejected from ALL the secondary schools of my choice and I was dumped into a school called Ping Yi.

I was academically very weak and was always the slowest in class. I failed in four subjects of the eight I was taking and soon enough...

I Found Myself Placed At The Bottom of My Entire Cohort.

Not only was I poor in studies, I was also physically weak and mentally lethargic. I had poor social skills, I was bored, indifferent and soon I was labeled as a 'problem student'.

I joined the boy scouts in an effort to learn valuable skills and widen my social circle but after only six months, I was thrown out of the club because I couldn't pass the most basic test needed to qualify as a scout. I didn't even bother to try again.

To make things even worse, my cousins were gifted students and attended the best schools in the country. Because of that, I really began to think I was born lazy, slow, unmotivated, maybe even stupid.

Like most troubled teenagers, I soon found myself addicted to the TV and video games and I allowed myself to sink into a catatonic stupor just to escape all the pain.

I Was A Total Abject Failure Until...

I discovered mentors that inspired, stimulated and challenged me to adopt a new belief about myself. I decided to adopt the belief that 'if it is possible for others, it would be possible for me, it's just a question of strategy'.

That if I could model someone's strategy for success, then I too would experience the same level of success and achieve any goal I set.

Bing! Like A Light Bulb Going Off In My Head...

I realized that the only thing that was holding me back were my negative beliefs about myself. Suddenly, this teenage delinquent kindled a fire and a burning desire to see if all of this was truly possible.

Would it really work?

I set three 'impossible' goals for myself. My first goal was to top my school within a year, second was to qualify for junior college in Singapore and third to attend the National University of Singapore and be among it's top students.

Coming from someone who was at the bottom of his entire school, this was a crazy fantasy!

So I went out there and modeled the strategies of the best students used to get top grades. I operated from the framework that if I used my brain the same way and copy their exact methods, I would replicate the same level of success.

And Guess What? You Wouldn't Believe It If I'd Told You.

Within a year, I was among the top ten students in my school.

Within three years, I was the #1 student in my school in the Cambridge 'O' Level exams.

I qualified for the #1 Junior College in Singapore, Victoria Junior College.

I later went on to the National University of Singapore, which is one of the top 20 universities in the world, and within a year, I found myself on the dean's list and ranked among the top 1% of students in the entire country!

The phenomenal results I experienced further reinforced my belief that with the right strategy, anyone can achieve any goal that they set for themselves and achieve lasting success in any area.

Check Out This Print Ad I Did For My Alma Mater,
The National University of Singapore (NUS).

Adam Khoo Featured On A National University Of Singapore Print Ad.

The National University of Singapore doesn't do ads unless they feature some of their brightest and most capable students who've also gone on to create tremendous wealth and success in their careers and I'm honored to have been picked to do this for them.

Then I Started To Make My Millions...

It would be fair enough to say that success in school doesn't always equate with success in the real world of business. So my next challenge was to create the same crazy amount of success outside the classroom.

I set a goal to become a millionaire by age 26, to build a million dollar business and to become one of the top speakers in Asia.

I started my first business when I was 15. It was a mobile disco which later grew into an event management company. I started my second business (training and consultancy) when I was 21 and started investing in property and stocks when I was 22.

While studying hard for my exams and, doing well in school, I spent my free time running my businesses, brokering deals and getting as many speaking engagements as I could find.

Within two years of graduating from university, at the age of 26, I had created a net worth of $1.2 million, was running two successful businesses and commanded up to $2,000 an hour in speaking fees.

I have also spoken to more then 245,000 teachers, students, managers, professionals and CEOs in the area of accelerated learning and personal excellence.

As my wealth, success and reputation increased exponentially over the next three years, my personal vision began to take shape.

I discovered that what drove me wasn't the money but the intense fulfillment I received when I see people tap into their hidden potential and generate tremendous amounts of success for themselves. Because I too had people who believed in my hidden potential and helped me to achieve the level of success I have today.

So allow me to ask this question...

If A Total Abject Failure Can Do It, Why Can't You?

That's right. If a loser like me could accomplish so much in such a short time, why can't you or anybody achieve the same level of success?

I know what it feels like to be at the bottom of the heap. I've been there before. But some of you are starting off from an even higher platform than I had. In fact many of you stand an even better chance than I had of becoming successful.

Then why is it that you continue to allow yourself to sink deeper into accepting the job you hate, the life you can't have, and the dreams you never achieved?

Because You Were Never Given The Right Strategies To Create Financial Freedom And Wealth For Yourself.

I discovered that the key to success is all about taking the right steps. I achieved such amazing success in such a short time because I copied the strategies of people who were already successful. It is that simple!

I copied the strategies of the best students in the country and I became a top student.

I copied the mindset, principles, and strategies of successful businessmen, multi-millionaires and top speakers and I became a top speaker, successful businessman, and a millionaire by 26.

This is common sense. It is all about taking the same steps and strategies that successful people have already taken to become rich. It is all about a question of strategy.

I know a lot of people out there want be financially free. But there is just so much information out there that you just don't know where to start!

You maybe bouncing around from one strategy to the next, searching for the magic elixir to creating wealth. You tried all of them but you still need that paycheck every month to survive. And you just want something that could just answer ALL your questions about how to make money. Period.

That is why I created this webpage.

I spent 15 years honing my money-making skills and learning from some of the most successful businesspeople, multi-millionaires and investors in the world. I've tried and tested all the different ways to make a million bucks and I also met with so many failures I can't even count them.

So I know what works like clockwork to create wealth and what doesn't. No one can fool me.

I know you want somebody to tell you that all you had to do was to follow these exact steps to create amazing wealth and nothing else. That if you had the ultimate wealth package, it would cover and teach you everything about how to make money.

I know you want a solution. So that you can stop floundering in the financial wilderness looking for the right steps to take.

That's why I want to help you look through the absolute junk that's out there.

I wanted to compile all the sure-fire methods and steps I personally use to create wealth.

I wanted to compile everything I knew about how to make a million dollars and make it so that anyone can follow it and become financially free.

And that's how the most complete wealth creation book was born.


This Book Is Not For You If You Are Not Serious About Creating Financial Freedom For Yourself.

If you...

  • are not willing to take responsibility for your actions in life.
  • want to continue to procrastinate.
  • want to continue to give yourself excuses.
  • want to continue to blame other people or circumstances.
  • are not willing to take action to achieve your goals.
  • are not willing to learn.
  • are not willing to leave your comfort zone.
  • think that money is evil.
  • think that gaining financial freedom is not a MUST.

Then most probably creating a life of freedom and financial abundance is not what you want. If you are not interested in it, you may leave this webpage now.

I'm serious about helping people achieve their financial goals, In fact I'm serious enough that I own a million dollar company that runs full-blown seminars on personal success and how to create wealth.

And when I give my 100% to help you, the least you MUST do is to also give yourself your 100%. With that done, let me now do this...

The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires!
(2nd Edition - Updated 2009)

There are 7 main components to this book.

Component #1:
Seven Steps To Financial Abundance

You must learn these fundamental mindsets and principles that have made countless people wealthy and why if you break them, you will never be rich.
bullet The greatest money making asset that will make
you a fortune.
bullet Do this to get a 1000% return on your
bullet My journey as a self-made millionaire.
bullet How to play the game of money.
bullet Find out why you are not rich yet.
bullet How to possess the winner's mindset.
bullet How to adopt the million dollar mindset.
bullet How to set clear financial goals.
bullet How to set create a financial plan.
bullet How to massively increase your income.
bullet How to grow your money at millionaire returns.
bullet How to protect your fortune.
bullet The nine habits of self-made millionaires and why you must have them!

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Component #2:
Cash Flow Strategies Of The Rich

Learn how millionaires manage their money and why this is the basis of how the rich get richer. I'll teach you how you can also harness these exclusive principles to be a millionaire yourself in no time flat.

bullet The biggest lie ever told about wealth.
bullet The true definition of wealth.
bullet How the rich manage their cash flow.
bullet How to create your personal balance sheet.
bullet How to create your own income statement.
bullet The four levels of wealth.
bullet How to create your personal strategy to achieve
financial security.
bullet How to create your personal strategy to achieve financial abundance.

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Component #3: How To Massively Increase Your Income

Learn how to double your income in less than five months with these fool-proof methods. Whether you're an employee or a business owner, these strategies work anywhere.
bullet The true definition if income.
bullet Why your income is linked to the value you create
and nothing else.
bullet How to increase your value to your business or
to the company.
bullet How to double your business or company's profits in less
than six months.
bullet How to translate your value to even more income.
bullet 68 strategies to increase your business profits.
bullet Time is money; how to maximize it.
bullet How you can lose $4,900 a day doing the wrong work
bullet How to spend 100% of your time doing high value things.
bullet How to harness the power of magnifying your value.
bullet How anyone, in any profession can massively scale their value upwards.
bullet 5 iron-clad strategies to scale your value immediately.

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Component #4: Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Online

The internet is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can start adding passive income streams, without quitting your job.

You will learn about the entire roadmap from, start to finish, on how to build your own internet business that will start earning you mountains of profit. 

bullet How to build a lucrative business without quitting your job.
bullet The 5 myths on making money online.
bullet The 5 criteria to building a profitable home-based business.
bullet How to turn your passion into lifetime streams of income.
bullet The 10 steps to start a successful online business.
bullet The secrets of building a profit generating website.
bullet How to find a hungry niche market.
bullet How to size up your competition.
bullet How to be sure that your website has a potential to make profits.
bullet How to create products and income streams.
bullet How to design and build your website.
bullet How to write powerful sales copy that will hook you customers.
bullet 3 practical principles to improve your copy and increase conversions.
bullet 8 proven steps to writing profit-churning copy.
bullet How to set up an order and payment system.
bullet 12 hot strategies to drive an avalanche of traffic to your websites.
bullet How to create on opt-in list of customers.
bullet How to build a relationship with you customers so that they keep coming back for more.

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Component #5: Managing Money And Controlling Expenses

Learn how millionaires manage their money and why if you break these principles, there is no way you can be rich.

bullet The number one principle of self made millionaires.
bullet The way millionaires really live.
bullet The impact of saving on your future wealth.
bullet How to eliminate debt if you want to be rich.
bullet Why credit cards are a powerful wealth tool.
bullet Six strategies to effective money management.
bullet How 15 minutes a day can make a millionaire difference.
bullet 6 ways to reduce your expenses & increase your savings by 30%.
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Component #6: Building Your Million Dollar Net Worth

Learn how you can use time-tested strategies to compound your money using the stock market and make passive income while you sleep!
bullet How to grow your money at millionaire returns.
bullet How low risk can give you extremely
high returns.
bullet The investment vehicle that gives you the
highest return.
bullet How to make 12.08% a year compounded RISK-FREE.
bullet 3 strategies to multiply your money.
bullet How to allocate your money for maximum returns with minimum risk.
bullet Your four money baskets.
bullet Understand how the stock market behaves.
bullet The one growth strategy that never fails.
bullet The secret on how to win with mutual funds.
bullet Why most mutual funds lose money.
bullet Steps to find the top mutual funds in the world.
bullet How to pick stocks like Warren Buffett.
bullet Why most people lose money in the stock market.
bullet The six beliefs that Buffett possess that has netted him billions.
bullet How to invest like a 'master investor'.
bullet Learn the language of money and business.
bullet The 8 criteria of buying businesses & stocks at great prices.
bullet When to sell your stocks for maximum profits.

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Component #7: Designing Your Millionaire Master Plan

Learn how to develop your personal millionaire roadmap so that everything you learn in this book can straightaway be put into massive action.

bullet The power of designing your destiny.
bullet The 5 keys to designing powerful goals.
bullet How to design a personal millionaire roadmap.
bullet How to get yourself to take action.
bullet Find out about the power of a wealth builder group.

You see, most people always dream of becoming financially free and wealthy, and that's the problem! They always dream and never take action to make their dreams become reality.

Let me tell you that this is a reality for me and for people who follow these proven steps to financial freedom. Isn't it time you took action for yourself to create the life you want?

Check out my latest tax reference statement.

This amount is only reflects my personal employment income. It doesn't include the profits I make every year from my business operations and the capital gains in my investments. Imagine how much that would be!

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what real people just like you are saying about my book:

This book is simply wonderful. I am now moving towards my main objective – to retire early and enjoy financial freedom. I created a product that is known as “The Muslim Will Kit” two months after WA. This product is apparently the first of its kind in the world. With my product development abilities and support from a team of ten members at my company, the first production of the KIT was successfully completed on 31st December 2005. Today, my product is available at MPH Bookstores nationwide and via mail orders.

Afik Yusof
Business Owner
Novantas Consulting Sdn Bhd

Adam, you are such an admirable individual. My thanks to your generosity in sharing. Besides enlightened with the available ‘wealth generation tools and mechanism’, I'm also inspired by your passion and motivated by your enthusiasm. Your sharing is so real and useful and you make things easy to understand. You are one of the most committed and passionate speakers I have come across. Thanks for making this book both enlightening and memorable for me.

Bee Leng
Senior Manager, Business Development

This is a great checkup for financial health! Adam shares generously all that he knows about making money! Equally important he dwells on our core beliefs and prejudices about money so that we get to understand what drives us –
You can never get this from any books. Come and see for yourselves! Hear him extol on his passion and propel you to greater heights! At the end of this book, you would have an excellent financial power-up.

Dr Joseph Leung
Registrar, Psychiatrist


Adam’s wealth creation book was the best investment I ever made. It gave me the value creation strategies to triple my income to achieve a breakthrough of $41,000 in September 2005. I would have never been able to achieve this if I hadn't learnt all the strategies and principles this wealth book taught me. This is the book to learn how to start building financial abundance period.

Mei Mei
Bank Relationship Manager

I would like to say a big 'THANK YOU'! No words can describe what I have gained from this wealth book. I am now fully charged-up, goals are set and my destiny have changed for the best! This whole experience has awaken my soul after being asleep for so long! Thanks for sharing so much with us! I will work VERY hard and aspire towards the day where I can be like you - able to share and help lots of helpless soul out there and share the abundance of life! Thanks a zillion! See you at the top!

Kim Puay

This book is an eye-opener for me; Adam is fantastic! He shares tons of new ideas to generate new income as well as powerful strategies. The book is indeed an exciting and memorable experience!

Bernice Loy

Choosing this book is the best decision of my life. It taught me skills and more importantly the beliefs to get my financial situation on track to retiring young. Thank you Adam for such a wonderful and empowering book!

Roy Lm
Account Executive

As a Financial Planner, I had always been able to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table status, qualifying me among the top 1% of insurance advisors around the world. However, through the principles in this book, I learnt to set a quantum target of tripling my sales and income and qualifying for the prestigious Court of the Table. I achieved this just within 2 months.

Lorraine Koh
Financial Planner

This wealth book was indeed very fulfilling and an eye opener to me as it gave me so many good ideas and powerful strategies on how to increase my income and wealth. Adam has undoubtedly showed me one of the best wealth building strategies to make me a better, faster, hungrier and more goal focused person. After having learnt all the different wealth building strategies, this has given me great confidence and a renewed driving spirit to make a major shift and transformation towards achieving my financial goals.

William Guido

Being an accountancy graduate, I made a huge career switch by going into property sales. Initially, I was worried that I would not be able to excel. However, after this book, I set a huge goal of becoming the top in my division and to be promoted to a team manager. With the wealth and success techniques that I applied consistently, I made it within a year!

Li Nah
Team Manager
Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

This book and the self-motivation I have learnt have been totally mind blowing. Unlike most of my peers who look for a job after graduation, I found the passion and drive to run a successful and profitable business. With the wealth techniques and strategies this book has taught me, I know I'm in control of my financial destiny and my life as a whole.

Charles Tng
Business Owner
SpeedB Enterprise

I purchased Adam's Millionaire Secrets book thinking it was going to be another one of those typical 'get rich' books. You know, those kind of books that gets you all motivated but doesn't really teach you anything practical. I figured it had his money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose.

How wrong I was! Adam's book is one of those rare instances where I can say it's the 'real deal'. Becoming successful and wealthy isn't just about learning some money making techniques. It all starts with learning some fundamental concepts of THINKING about wealth in a certain way. Adam goes into detail on all of this by examining some of the richest and most successful individuals in our world today. The concepts and principles revealed in the book can be applied by anyone regardless of their current situation.

I personally have changed many of my perceptions about money and wealth after reading his book. The way I look at situations, (especially of failure) now has completely changed as well. I also plan on using his practical wealth strategies to increase my income.

Adam's book should be required reading for anyone who is looking to succeed in life in general, not just financially. I personally teach 'The Law Of Attraction' and Adam's book PERFECTLY compliments the Law. Anyone who has already studied the Law Of Attraction and is now looking for a truly practical step by step guide to 'attract' wealth will find Adam's book to be an EXTREMELY valuable source of useful information.

Currently, the price of the book is a STEAL for the amount of valuable information it contains. It is easily worth many times more! Highly recommended.

Dr. David Che (Dentist)
Cocoa Beach, Florida---U.S.A.
As I was scanning through some business and finance books in a major bookstore here in Kuala Lumpur, I came across your book and was impressed on the details it carried and I was excited knowing the amount of knowledge I'll be able to obtain by reading it.

Immediately, I purchased one. I read the book twice within a month, even with my busy schedule.

I learned a lot of stuff about personal finance and how to make, grow and keep my money in the long run.

I made the right choice by investing in this book. I'm planning to read the book for the 3rd time now :-) hoping that the information blend deep in....and stay for a long, long time.

One of the topics covered in the book was earning through royalty (example: write and publish a book and earn a passive income from it).

I started to write a book for the first time. At this point, I personally do not know any authors. Literally, I started without any professional guidance. Along the way, I met some authors who helped me by reviewing my work. Within 3 months, I completed my book and it was published in October 2009. The title of the book is "Best Motivational Quotes From The Bible".

My book is now available in all major bookstores nationwide. My thinking, my mindset, my behaviors, my actions and my perceptions towards money, have all changed to a brand new leaf!!

And it all started with just 1 book "Secrets of Self Made Millionaires by Adam Khoo".

Without doubt, there are more milestones that are achievable with the ground rules shared in your book.

Good job and please keep it up!

Norman J Sinappen
Author, Motivational Speaker & NLP Coach
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I would, because the moment you learn and use all these strategies and principles, you can generate this sort of income again and again and again.

I discussed with my marketers how much I should offer 'The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires' book and I decided to go with $97.

I already run a 4 day wealth academy seminar that equips participants with the same principles and strategies that you are going to learn and I charge over $3,500.00 per participant to attend my once-a-year wealth seminars. I'm practically giving away this book at this price.

However I know that this priceless information is something that can really help a lot of people out there who are looking for a real solution and therefore...

You Do NOT Need To Give An Arm And A Leg To Swipe The EXACT Blueprint I Personally Use To Become A Millionaire By Age 26

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That's even less than what most people spend on a good dinner every weekend or on a full tank of gas for your SUV. Doesn't that put things into perspective?

There are over 350+ pages of million-dollar tips, secrets and strategies in the Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires ebook. That's HUGE! Most ebooks out there have at most only 100 pages and those are the good ones already.

So you're getting an absolute TON of priceless information and you are going to be absolutely gob-smacked by the amount of value you are going to get instantly when you invest in the
Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Your Investment In The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Book Is Backed By My IRON-CLAD 100% Money Back Guarantee


My 15 Year Education Is Yours Risk-Free

That's right! I am so confident that my book will undoubtedly work to create massive multiple streams of income flowing into your life that if after 8 weeks you are still not absolutely certain that all the strategies and secrets that I reveal to you will make you money many, many times over your investment, I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

Should a refund occur, I still want you to keep the book! Because I believe that even if you don't find it useful now. I believe that one day it will play a crucial role in building your million dollar dream. I guarantee it will. This is my unbreakable faith in the value that my book offers.

You Need To Take ACTION Right Now

The choice is yours. Remember that I made my million at 26 because I made a decision and took ACTION immediately.

Right now you are literally seconds away from grabbing the entire EXACT, STEP-BY-STEP blueprint that I used to make me a millionaire at 26 and a MULTI-millionaire today.

I started building my million dollar dream a long time ago and I'm enjoying the fruits of it now. The only question is when are YOU going to start?

You Get Instant Exclusive Access To The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires Book for Just $97.00! $19.95!

Yes Adam! I Want To Learn The Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires Now!

I can't wait to see my million dollar net worth grow right before my very eyes. I want to discover all that you can teach me about how to double my income in less than five months and to uncover all the secret strategies and principles to creating financial freedom and wealth.

I understand that all this information is instantly actionable and you have showed the fastest path to personal success and achievement. I understand that I have all the resources I need to achieve my goal of building a million dollar future for myself and I am ready to take massive action to ensure that I achieve my goal of doing so.

I understand that I'll be receiving my Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires book that will equip me with a ton of information to immediately kick start my journey to become a successful multi millionaire.

I also understand that I am backed my Adam's iron-clad 100% money back guarantee. I get to learn, enjoy and apply all the millionaire secrets and strategies and if after 8 weeks I feel that this book doesn't help me one bit to generate wealth many times in value the cost of the book, I can get a full refund no questions asked. And I still get to keep the book!

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The entire book will be delivered digitally. You will be sent to a secure online download area to instantly download your book once payment has been authorized.

To your success,

Adam Khoo

P.S. You are getting the ENTIRE book at just $97.00 $19.95. I charge over $3,500.00 per participant in my wealth seminars, you are practically swiping the same principles and strategies at a steal at this price!

P.P.S. Remember you have a 100% money-back guarantee on this offer and even if a refund should occur, you still get to keep the book! You can't lose on this!

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